diner, drizzling

1)I arrived here notebook in hand
from the cool drizzle outside in
hopes of unclogging a stanza
or two from an
unfinished poem. the
waitress who brought my coffee
said “ok hun” on cue cuz that’s
what most waitresses in diners
seem to do,
and she was keeping
her end of the bargain, but I wasn’t, looking but not really at some lines promised by me a new life today, got to birth
some wordbabies
today, c’mon
but alas and while we’re
still not at it,
DO keep in mind
too much eros in
air with me as ghosts/W/soulful
erections sort of poems as of late,
got to get those little
wordmonsters in line,
with passion and purpose and
while we’re still not at it,
would it asking TOO
much 2) in from diner door
from the drizzle with
funky gray suede boots
with shockwaves of freckles,
swimming on in up down
drizzledface, when she
shook out
her formidable red braids, a
few droplets
landed on me. I went
from notebook and stilted, even begrudging lil’ wordmonsters,
to a stuttering heart,
when she took the table
next to mine
and I smelled
damp suede and drizzly
freckles, quite the breakfast combo
in this diner in the boonies, but
3) damn where’s the poem? no
not some grade-b Death in Venice (diner-take) for chrissake? as just
a table away, I inhaled suede and substance and silliness, side order of perfect splashes of nutmeg and
her for damnsure high IQ kinda way
green eyes, all of this
established, soon as
she’d shaken off the rain, some of those drops on me. her cell, her bell book & candle yes, this part
was my hallucination, but not the steaming espresso (nutmeggy clouds of course) all
delivered and arranged, all,
within maybe a dozen minutes. screw stultifying New Order of Poem Pledges, this was all within a dozen minutes
and stutters of my now delightfully disordered heart: but COULD I deliver all this? 4)all her drizzleddazzle all
this, from pen-to-paper by such a deliriously distracted heart?
I hear “hun” from the beloved AuntkindaWaitress who, to
table next to mine,
delivered one more
espresso and this
time too, a blueberry tart.


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