Excerpt from the liner notes of the album “Where Kitties Fly” by Mike Rosler

Just a few years back following a demon-dusted 4-year exile from music, this musician-poet dusted off horn & case and (still part-mystery) before I knew it I simply “had” to squeeze into the CD-max 80-minutes, everything I’d loved about music, mostly jazz but not all, since I was a kid/then sideman on many gigs and on other folks’ CDs, for like, forever.  And as for headlining/creating my very own CD, yup, I guess you could call me a late-bloomer.

Buddy Bolden, via legenday New Orleans’ cornetist Jelly Roll Morton, via our homage is on track 8. The “Fatha of Jazz” eventually succumbed to the demons and ended up in one of “those places” that how to say, I’m not unfamiliar with. Luckily for me, unlike Bolden, it added up to far less than roughly half the lifetime he languished there.

So many of you are here, many recent in the flesh, many channeled from scratchy old ’78’s and beboppy ’50’s poetry chapbooks, all here in one way or another along with The Kittie Brigade (there is one I promise!), yeah I brought as many as I could to this whatever-this is, here.

I welcome you to fly w/ The Kitties, all serenaded by some ridiculously talented Komrades. Whatever I/We’ve tried to do here comes to, here’s to hoping some of it touches you, touches where it matters y’know? So, here.

where kitties fly

Listen to track 3 of the 15-track album here:

Album is available to purchase on Bandcamp.

One-third of proceeds from this album go to Ulster County SPCA in Kingston, NY.

The players:

Mike Rosler - trumpet, vocals 1-15, piano 10, 15
David Winograd - bass, tuba, sousaphone 1-13, 15
Larry Ham - piano 2,3,5,7,8-10,12-14
Matt Koza - clarinet, flute 2,3,4,6,9-13,15
Wayne Dunton - drums 1-14
Ken Foy - trombone 1-7, 9-15
Rene Bailey - vocals 1,4,11,14
Jake Lentz - piano 1,4,9,11,14
Roswell Rudd - trombone 6,9
Larry Balestra - percussion 9,10,15
Slam Allen - guitar, vocals 4,14
Dan Block - clarinet, soprano sax 1,7
Eli Winograd - bass 14
(& Igor) - piano, pots & pans & this & that 13

This entire album was recorded at Lone Pine Road Studio in Kingston, NY.

You can contact my wonderful Engineer Eli Winograd, on his website:

Let’s play something together.