Just released Hot & Kool eclectic jazz album as well as some of my out-there (and sometimes in-there) poetry : )

About me

Mike Rosler’s journeyman journey includes performances at the Village Gate, alternating sets with Doc Cheatham at the Kool Jazz Festival, as well as gigs with greats Vic Dickenson, Cab Calloway, and Basie alumni Eddie “Long Gone” Chamblee, who tho’ a tenor sax, not brass player, taught Rosler one of his secret recipes for weary chops: “find your way to any ocean, anywhere, then stand right on the shoreline and blow softly into the waves…”

(It worked.)

Mike has played on many albums for other musicians but this latest album, Where Kitties Fly, is his first under his own name.

Personal note: The poetry has always been there. But historically there has been more reluctance to attend/read at open poetry events as opposed to musical performance. Yes, they are both art forms, but very different for me in many ways. So only in recent months have I been publicly sharing my poetry online.