(sometimes can be a great notion)…

call this place what you will but
here even long-gone cats &
turtles riffing along on shores of
peachy peyote pebbles & a bessie smith
greets a jimi from a
red or gin house for
ever delicious this fever &
hey jimi! it’s ok, little wings gonna
take you to peachypeyotepebble
shores, & brand-new electriclady
day, everywhere cliffs of feathers
blessing every child got its very
own, we will hug or

wail along THIS watchtower, an
empress & a jimi on fire that scorches
only in a good way so that
good-melting hearts of good
cats & turtles & just-folks here, where
the wind cries Ma Rainey too, she winks
at them both & says, you can fish in
MY sea! ‘long as james here anthems
us every hundred years or so, so it’s
really our kinda blue.


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